Module Two: Removing Fear

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This is Module Two of the four-part webinar series entitled "What you must know to succeed in 21st century business".

Fear will always keep you off balance. That's why you must remove it from your life entirely in order to be successful. That said, you can also use your fear as a competitive advantage (really!)

This module empowers explains the REAL nature of fear and how you can empower yourself by understanding it.

The webinar, hosted by Learn About Flow founder David Leigh Weber and HR4Change founder Tony Deblauwe, offers a great foundation to help you achieve everything you want out of life whether career or personal.

David and Tony give you the TOOLS for your own self discovery. Traditional approaches say 'do it this way only' and don't take into account your unique nature, your flow. That's why many ultimately fail.

Once you understand your own flow you can then take on any challenge in your life. In fact, you'll soon find everything you do to be easier and more rewarding than ever before!

The webinar was recorded live with an audience.

Each module includes:

- Recorded webinar

- Audio-only reocrding

- Complementary workbook

- PPT presentation

- FREE three month trial membership to the Learn About Flow inner circle

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